First off ladies, your body is a temple. It is so super totally yours! You rock yourself in whatever you way you see fit- #powermoves. The only time in your life that this statement does not hold true, is when we’re pregnant. As beautiful (and equally stressful; didn’t know what constipation was? Now you do.) as it is, our body is not entirely ours anymore.

There’s a little you in there. Growing, moving, being (nailed it). Yes, little you is protected in that tummy in MAJOR ways (we are amazing safe houses), but everything we put into our bodies, it makes its way there. That’s the reason we’re not supposed to drink alcohol, or smoke, or drink pop (maybe that’s a wives tale). Our bodies are theirs too.

So how does body piercing affect your little you? What will become of your piercings? Should you take them out? Why won’t anyone pierce me while I’m pregnant, or breastfeeding? It’s just a little hole, right? Well..

1. The biggest risk in being pierced while pregnant/breastfeeding, is infection. That’s a fresh stab wound (its pretty, but lets be real). Most piercings take 6 months to 1 year to fully heal. Should you contract an infection at any point, for whatever reason- that could affect your baby in a *very* negative way. Not worth it!
2. Baby Mama your immune system is in OVERDRIVE. You’re cooking a HUMAN. We’re not growing a cabbage here. Your body has SO much to do! It is not in ideal shape to focus on healing a piercing. It’s very likely that your body will simply reject it as the foreign object it is (we ain’t got time for that).
3. Now, because your body is in protection mode.. it is very common for perilously healed/existing piercings to get a little upsetti-spaghetti. Regardless of how old they are. You are welcome to take them out, yes they may heal over. Typically, with a little extra care, they will eventually be ok. Sometimes- they reject too. If you are unsure, visit a Professional Piercer for a quick assessment.
4. During delivery, your doctor may recommend you remove your piercings in case of emergency. Try to be prepared for this. Genital piercings? Yes- those should be removed. For.. obvious reasons. #notacabbage.
5. No, nipple piercings will not affect your ability to breastfeed. They most certainly need to be removed prior to breastfeeding, as they are a significant choking hazard for little you. So don’t fret, pierced nipples = still totally milk functional.
6. Navel piercings. Yes, there are safe navel rings you can wear, ‘pregnancy navel bars’. These are essentially a safe, biocompatible bendy plastic. They grow with you. The reality is there is a very high chance your belly piercing will simply never sit where it did before. Skin stretches, anatomy changes. It’s part of the journey. Also, you’ll have a toddler sitting on your hip faster than you think- risky for belly rings. Advice? Just take it out. Re-evaluate the piercing and its placement post-baby phase.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Rule #1- if any piercer, at any time says “Yes, we’ll pierce you.”, while they are fully aware you are pregnant OR breastfeeding; sweet angel mom-to-be, high tail it out of that shop and don’t look back. #checkyanever

Rule #2- always consult honestly with your Doctor about the piercings you have, and what they believe is safe for you during pregnancy and delivery. Doctors know best! #blessthemsouls

Rule #3- Mama, be patient. It’s only a year or so. There’s forever in front of you! Piercings can wait. Foot rubs however.. that can be right now. Like RIGHT now. (You’re pregnant, milk it while it lasts!)

Most importantly, above all else, ALWAYS consult with your doctor. About everything, all the time (they’re like, the bees knees)! This advice should NOT be taken over that of a trained medical professional. It is just an opinion, based on years of experience in the Body Piercing Industry. We’re just here to guide you, you know? Doctors, they’re the real MVP’s. Share this post so other women can be informed!

Sea Dawne
Senior Piercer
Luar Body Piercing